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MRC Power supplies 
all are 120v 60hz 12vdc controlled, 16vac accessories,  1 speed control on each. 5 year warranty.
 Tech 7 Extended Range Speed Control 

Tech 7 Ampac 700 Power Pack - on/off, indicator light, speed . direction, 20VA,  Sold out
1276 Tech 7 Ampac 760 Power Pack - on/off light, speed, direction,  momentum, brake, $164.99
1278 Tech 7 Ampac 780 Power Pack  - Dual pack on/off lights, speed, direction,  20VA NA

1370 Railpower  

 1370 on/off, light, speed, direction, 1.4 amps $84.99


1301 AC power for Lionel on/off speed direction overload, Whistle, 2 amps Sold Out


In most situations single controller power packs are best for the control of each train you run. When you want to operate numerous trains on one layout, wiring of block sections is useful to separate the trains. Alternatively DCC systems are available.  Wiring books are available or talk to our in store staff.

    Digitrax Command Control

SCFXD  Radio Equipped Super Chief $ Special order
SEBX  Super Empire Builder Xtra $ Special order
EVO  Evolution Advanced Starter Set, 5A/8A    
ZEPX  Zephyr, 10 loco control
DCS51 Throttle/Command Station/Booster(2.5amps), PS315  
DT500   Super Throttle with IR    
UR90  Infrared Receiver    
UP5  Universal Panel    
UT4  Utility Throttle    
DB150  Command Station & Booster    

 Decoder Programmer


 Auto Reverse Manager

PS14  Power supply    
PS514  Universal AC/DC Power Adapter    

Decoders are not included with sets
Digitrax Technical Support

BD4 Occupancy Detector  
DS64 Stationary Decoder  
DS52 Stationary Decoder  
DZ126 2FX 0.5 amp (hardwire) tiny  
DZ143 4FX 0.5 amp (hardwire)  
DZ126PS  2FX 2FX (plug'n'play) 1" harness  
DNH136D 3FX 8pin Harness  
DH126D 2FX 9pin Harness  
DZ126P 2FX 0.5amp 8 pin Plug  
DH166PS 6FX 1.5 amp  
DH165A0 6FX 0.5 amp Kato (replacement board)  
DH165L0 Mobile decoder plug and play  


Sound decoders
810053 3/4" Speaker  
810054 1" speaker  
SDH166D 6FX Decoder w/ SoundFX 16x26x9mm spkr  
SDN136PS 3FX decoder 10x18mm spkr  
SFX006 Soundbug decoder for 166 series decoders 16x26x9mm spkr steam or diesel  

DHWHPS Short 1" Wiring Harness  
  Decoder Wire 30AWG  
LNCMK LocoNet Cable Maker Kit  
LNC501 Loconet cable 50ft  
LNRJ12P20 20 RJ12 Modular Plugs  

Please call for availability and current pricing, or Special Orders on any Power Control Products. 


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